Is a video chat required?

It depends on the state. If a video chat is required, it will be included as a part of your visit.

What do I need for the visit?

You will need:

  • Government-issued photo ID with your birthdate (state ID, driver's license, school ID, passport, etc.)

  • A device with a camera and microphone (smart phones, iPads, some laptops, etc.)

How do I get started?

Step 1: Start a visit

Before getting to the video portion, you'll need to start a visit. This will include filling out your personal profile and medical intake interview, selecting a pharmacy, and taking a picture of yourself and your ID. Need help with that part? Full instructions here.

Step 2: Do the video chat

If your state requires a video chat, you will be directed to begin your video chat as the final step in your visit. When you get to the video step, you will click a button to begin the video session. 

Please note that wait times for a video session can vary. You can always leave and come back to resume this step if you need!

Step 3: Wait until your video has been approved

Once you have done your video chat, you will see a pending screen, followed by a screen letting you know if your video was approved or not:

Step 4: Chat with the medical team until your treatment plan is complete!

Great - you're all done with the video part of the visit. Now head over to your messages. This is where you and the medical team will further discuss your medical information and create a treatment plan.

What if I place my visit outside of office hours?

Our office hours for visits that require a video chat are listed here.

If you place your visit outside of those times, don't worry! You can come back during office hours and resume your visit then. 

You will see a screen like this if you are currently outside of our office hours:

What if I'm having technical difficulties?

If you are having technical difficulties, you might see a screen like this:

You should start by visiting our help pages, which can guide you through making sure that you have granted GoodRx Care access to your camera and microphone (necessary to complete the video session) and are using a recommended browser/device; if you have problems check our troubleshooting guide.

How do I resume my visit?

If you had to leave or couldn't do your video session right away, you can resume your visit. Do this by logging into your account and selecting Visit History.

Once there, you can click Resume on your visit.

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