Check your browser:

Make sure you are using a supported browser. We recommend Google Chrome or Safari. Unsupported browsers that we do not support: Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer.

Use a device with a camera: 

For security reasons, we require a photo be taken during each visit with HeyDoctor.

We can't accept uploaded photos - rather, you will need to take one during your visit. If your current device doesn't have a camera, you can use a device with a camera - this is usually an iPhone or Android phone.

You can use your phone's internet browser (Safari or Chrome), to navigate to or you can download the app, called "HeyDoctor" in the app store. 

Once you've logged in to your account from the new device, start a new visit or resume your current one. You can resume your current visit by going to "Visit History" and hitting "Resume Visit" next to your current visit. Now you can take a picture directly from this new device.

Have a camera, but can't get the photo step to work?

  1. Double check that you are using a supported browser that is up to date. We recommend Google Chrome or Safari.
    Unsupported browsers: Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer
  2. Make sure you have granted HeyDoctor permission to access you camera. Here are instructions on how to do that:


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