First of all - the best thing you can do is to educate yourself ahead of time. We highly recommend getting training to administer naloxone. It's online and it's free. You can read more about Narcan nasal spray or the Evzio auto-injector.

If someone you know is showing signs of an overdose, follow these steps: 

  • Call 911
  • Give them naloxone
  • Give a second dose of nalaxone if there is not effect after two minutes, or if instructed by 911
  • Perform CPR or rescue breathing as instructed by 911

Once they start breathing again and/or wake up: 

  • Lay them on their side in the recovery position
  • Stay with them until help arrives

Learn to be an Emergency First Responder

You can learn how to respond to this and other life threatening situations by becoming a first responder through trainings such as those from the American Red Cross

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