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What do I do when I need a refill for my Care prescription?
What do I do when I need a refill for my Care prescription?
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When you are prescribed medication by one of our medical providers, they will let you know if your prescription had been written with any refills. When there are refills written on the script, they are electronically sent over to the pharmacy with your initial fill. Prescriptions are typically valid at the pharmacy for a year after they are written and, during that time, the pharmacy should keep your refills on file until you’re ready for them.

I have refills with a local pharmacy.

If you have any remaining refills left on your prescription, you can reach out to the pharmacy directly to let them know that you’re ready for a refill! If you don’t have your prescription number, they should be able to find refills on file using your first and last name and date of birth. We typically recommend speaking to a live representative in the pharmacy to do this, as the automated systems sometimes do not see electronic scripts.

I have refills with the TruePill mail order pharmacy.

If you have a refill through the TruePill mail order pharmacy, the refill is automatically set to begin processing on a specified date. Your prescription will be shipped at a time where there should be no lapse in treatment if taken correctly and the directions of the prescription are followed.

You can view information regarding your orders from the Prescriptions tab under your account. If you have any questions about a TruePill order, feel free to send us a message in your account and we can follow up.

I’m out of refills on my prescription.

Anytime you’ve used up all the refills that were written on a Care prescription, you’ll need to complete a new visit in order to discuss a new prescription with a provider.

You can start a new visit by selecting the service that you’re looking for assistance with from the Services list and clicking on the “Get started now” button. Doing a new visit will include completing an intake interview, entering payment information, and taking a photo/selfie with ID. If you ever have trouble starting a new visit, you can send us a message in your account and we’ll help troubleshoot!

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