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GoodRx Gold Membership FAQs

Common questions and answers about GoodRxGold Membership and GoodRx Care accounts.

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What is GoodRx Gold?

GoodRx Gold is a monthly membership program that helps you save up to 90% on prescription drugs and access discounts for healthcare services.

What is included in the GoodRx Gold membership?

The Gold membership includes a discounted price for telemedicine visits on GoodRx Care in many states as well as access to drugs at discounted prices at popular pharmacies in your area. You can sign up for the Gold membership during your online visit here!

How do I cancel my GoodRx Gold membership?

You can cancel your Gold membership at any time from your GoodRx Care account. Find full instructions here.

I canceled my membership but it’s still good for a month, why is my visit $49?

Once you cancel your Gold membership, we are no longer able to offer discounted prices on your GoodRx Care visits. However, in the 30 days after you cancel your membership, you do still have access to Gold discounts to save on your prescriptions at the pharmacy!

I have a GoodRx Gold family plan, can everyone in my family use GoodRx Care at a discounted price?

At this time, only the primary account holder of the Gold Family membership can place GoodRx Care visits at a discounted price. Each family member will need to create their own personal Care account with a unique email address in order to place a visit. The Gold Family plan still has other benefits such as prescription discounts that you can use at your pharmacy.

Why isn’t the visit discount available in all states?

Unfortunately, we’re not able to offer discounted visit prices in every state currently. We’re working on expanding the list and hope to make this possible soon!

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For a more information, check out the GoodRx Gold homepage and Help pages.

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