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What is the Vaccine Wallet? How do I use it and update it?
What is the Vaccine Wallet? How do I use it and update it?
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The Vaccine Wallet is a place where you can upload and store a digital copy of your COVID-19 vaccine card in your GoodRx Care account. After snapping a few photos, you will be able to bring your record of vaccination with you everywhere you go—without having to worry about keeping track of the original document. To read more about the COVID-19 vaccine and what you might need proof for, check out our article here.

To set up your Vaccine Wallet, log into your account or sign up for one. Currently, the Vaccine Wallet is available on our website only, and cannot be accessed through the GoodRx app.

How do I create my Wallet?

Once you are logged into your account, select Vaccine Wallet.

You will see the option to Upload or Take a New photo. To take a new photo, you will have to grant GoodRx Care permission to access your device’s camera if you have not yet done so.

Having trouble taking a new photo? Get help for a computer or a phone.

After your photos have been saved, you will be prompted to enter in the information printed on your card. This step is optional, and you can always come back to fill out that info later.

How do I edit my photos or vaccine information?

To make a change to what you’ve submitted, select Vaccine Wallet from your account. If you need to replace a photo, you will have the option to upload one from your device, or take a new one.

To edit or add vaccine information, click on the pencil icon next to the dose you want to update.

Once you’re done, click the Save button at the bottom of the screen to record your changes.

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