Video chat office hours

For visits that require the completion of a video chat, our medical team is available for video calls during the hours listed below:

All Video Visits (excluding Mental Health visit):

  • Monday - Friday: 7am - 4pm PST

  • Saturday - Sunday: 8am - 1pm PST

Mental Health Video Visits:

  • Monday - Friday: 9am - 2pm PST

Mental Health Video Visits are currently only available in select states and the service is not currently available on the weekends. We are working to expand the both the states and hours of service.

What if I did my visit outside of office hours? 

If you are placing a visit outside of those office hours, don't worry! You will see a message letting you know that the doctors are unavailable. You can Resume your visit during office hours without losing your progress. 

How do I resume my visit if I need to come back later for the video chat? 

You can always come back and Resume an in-progress visit. Just Sign In, go to Visit History, and click Resume on your visit. See full instructions (with screenshots) here!

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