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I was asked to retake my photo - what do I do now?
I was asked to retake my photo - what do I do now?

Here's how to retake a photo for your visit.

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In order to submit a visit and begin your medical consultation, we require that you take one or more photos. Part of this photo step is used to verify your identity, so we may ask you to take a picture of your face and government-issued photo ID. 

After you submit your visit (need help submitting a visit? Go here), the medical team will consult with you via your Messages. That's the message area you see when you are logged in to your account.

How will I know I need to retake a photo?

After submitting your visit, you may receive a message that indicates we need you to retake one or more of your photos. The message will also explain why we need you to retake the photo.  

How do I retake the requested photo?

After receiving this message, you'll need to click the "Retake Photos" option. Once you click the button within the message it will take you to your account and it will list which photo needs to be retaken. You can also retake the photo by going to your Profile > Visit History  and then selecting your recent visit.

After retaking your photo, the medical team will be able to process your visit!

Trouble taking a photo?

If you are experiencing technical difficulties taking or retaking a photo, check out this help article for some tips, or log into your account and send us a message!

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