Step 1: Create an Account

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The first thing you'll need to do is create your free account. This is your personal account, so never share accounts with someone else, or let someone else set up your account for you.

Step 2: Start a Visit

You can see all the services we offer on our Services Page, or by navigating to Services after you log in to your account. 

Step 3: Submit your visit and consult with the medical team

The clinical team won't be able to review your visit until you've completed every step. 

During your visit, you will:

  • Fill out an intake interview

  • Take a selfie with you and your ID from a device with a built-in camera

  • Select which pharmacy you'd like any medicines sent to

  • Enter your payment information

  • If you live in a few specific states, meet a medical provider via video chat

  • Submit your visit and consult with the medical team over secure messages

Step 4: Submit your visit and consult with the medical team via Messages

Once you have submitted your visit, you will receive an email confirmation and see the screen below, letting you know that We're On it

You should now check your Messages - this is where the doctors will ask important follow up questions and help you find the best treatment plan. (The consultation will happen in these secure Messages, not over text message or email).

Step 5: Wait for the medical team to finish reviewing your visit

Click here for more information about our wait times and office hours.

Be sure to Log in and check your Messages. The medical team may need to ask you some more questions, just like they would in an in-person visit, so check your messages periodically. You can also use Messages to send us a question or update anytime!

We recommend turning on Notifications, see photo below.

Step 6: Check your Visit History

When your consultation is complete, the medical team will send you a treatment plan through Messages. If they ordered labs or sent you a prescription, they will also send you further instructions there. 

You can check the Status of your visit anytime or review your treatment plans by going to your Visit History and Prescriptions pages.

Step 7: Keep us posted! 

If you have any questions or concerns after your visit, log in and send us a message anytime! 

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