Step 1: Create a HeyDoctor Account

Go to to create an account, or click the "Get Started"/"Get Treated" buttons on our homepage or treatment pages. (Already have an account? Go to instead to log in.)

Step 2: Log in and start an online visit

Once you have created your account with HeyDoctor, your work isn't done yet. You'll still need to start a visit. 

To begin a visit, log into your account. Then go to or navigate to the "Services" tab and select the visit type you'd like to begin. 

Step 3: Complete every part of the visit

The doctors won't be able to review your visit until you've completed every step. 

The visit includes several steps:

  • Fill out a medical questionnaire
  • Take a selfie with your ID from a device with a built-in camera- more info here.
  • Choose a pharmacy
  • Enter your payment information
  • Check your secure message portal for follow up questions from the doctors or notifications that your prescription (if medically appropriate) has been approved and sent. If you have questions about your visit or if it's complete, you can use the secure message portal to ask!

Step 4: Make sure your visit is complete, and answer any follow up questions from the doctors

When your visit has been completed, you will receive an email confirmation. You should also go back and check your secure message portal to answer any follow up questions from the doctors. You can access that portal by logging into your account and selecting the messages icon, or button that says "Messages."

Your visit isn't complete and won't be seen by the doctors until you receive the messages below. Once you've finished this part, keep in mind the doctors may need to ask you some more questions, just like they would in an in-person visit, so check your messages periodically!

Step 5: Wait for your medication to be sent

Typical wait times during the day (8am-6pm Pacific Time) are about 2-4 hours during the week, and 6-8 hours on the weekend. That's the amount of time it might take for a doctor to review and respond to your visit, although it's usually much faster than that! 

If you haven't heard back from the doctors for a while, make sure to check your  secure message portal to be sure they aren't waiting on you to answer a question. If you're unsure of what's going on, feel free to message us in the secure message portal too!

When the doctors send your prescription, they will send you a message in your secure portal letting you know that it's been sent. They will also send instructions for picking it up and a full treatment plan.

Step 6: Keep us posted! 

If the doctor sends your prescription to the pharmacy, send us a message if you run into any problems getting your medicine. Be sure to log in and send it through the secure message portal though!

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