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How to get a blood pressure reading for your visit
How to get a blood pressure reading for your visit

And why we might ask for one!

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For some of our visit types, we may ask for a recent blood pressure reading. 

The reading will be two numbers, a systolic and diastolic reading,  (example: 130/90, or "130 over 90"), and we need to know both of those numbers. Some machines may also measure your pulse.

Why We Ask

Some medications that our doctors prescribe (birth control or ED medications, for example) can cause an increased risk of certain serious side effects if your blood pressure is too high or too low.  The doctors need to have a recent reading to be sure that you won't be at risk of heart attack, stroke, or worse.

How to Find Your Blood Pressure

Option 1: Call your Doctor

If you've had an in-person doctor's visit within the last 6 months, give their office a call to ask for the numbers. If they have any sort of online patient portal, you should be able to find the numbers there as well.

Option 2: Have it Taken at Most Pharmacies or Grocery Stores

At most pharmacies you can walk in and ask to have your blood pressure read by the pharmacist. Prefer to do it yourself? Most larger pharmacies, drug stores, or grocery stores like CVS, Duane Reade, Walgreens, or Safeway will have a do-it-yourself blood pressure machine, usually in the back of the store close to the pharmacy area. It looks like a chair with a loop for you to stick your arm through. Ask an employee or pharmacy technician if you have any trouble completing the blood pressure reading. 

Option 3: Do it at Home

If you have a blood pressure reading machine at home, feel free to use that!

Let us know Your Reading

Once you have those numbers, Sign In to your account and send the measurement in the Message Center.

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