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Visit Fees

Each service that we offer has a different visit fee -  many visits cost around $20, and you can see the price for each treatment by visiting the Services page - the price will be listed next to each service.

The cost listed is the total fee for the medical consultation.


Just like with an in-person office visit, you would pay for the medicine separately at the pharmacy, and the cost of medicine is not included in the visit fee. You can still use your insurance at the pharmacy to help pay for any medications that we prescribe you, and our doctors will always work with you to find a prescription and a pharmacy that will be affordable. 


We aren't yet able to accept insurance for your visit here. But you can usually still use your insurance at the pharmacy to pick up a prescription. 

Satisfaction Guarantee 

As always, every consult includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we will refund the cost of your visit if you aren't satisfied. Note that we aren't able to refund fees for any medicines you pick up at the pharmacy because those are separate businesses and they have their own policies.

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