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What medicines do you prescribe for smoking cessation?
What medicines do you prescribe for smoking cessation?

Commonly prescribed medicines for smoking cessation

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We are able to prescribe all of the currently available medications. Oral medicines that can make quitting easier. We can also prescribe nicotine replacement products including the patch, gum, lozenge, nicotine puffer, and nicotine nasal spray. We tailor every treatment plan based on your specific needs. 

Do these medicines actually work?

Yes. As you know quitting tobacco is very hard. It usually takes the average person multiple attempts to quit for good.  People who are able to quit by taking medicines are up to three times more likely to quit and stay quit. Usually it requires 3-6 months of medication use. If that seems like a long time to be on a medication, just think of how long you've been on tobacco--it's a much shorter time on the medication!

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