Yes, with many pills it is medically fine to use them to skip your period. If you would like more information about this - or to check if you can skip periods with the pill you are taking - contact your HeyDoctor medical team by logging in and sending us a secure message!

There are some brands of pills that come pre-packaged for skipping periods. But you don’t need those brands to skip periods like a pro. If you’re on the ring or any monophasic combination (contains an estrogen and a progestin) pill, you can control the timing of your periods. Sometimes skipping periods this way is described as continuous use or extended use — it’s all the same deal. Here’s how it works.

  • Many types of pill come in packs with 21 or 24 active pills—those are the ones that contain the hormones that make them effective birth control.
  • The other 7 or 4 pills are placebos—they cause your period to start and are not part of what makes birth control pills effective.
  • Some pills are monophasic, meaning they have the same mix of hormones each week in the active pills. This type will work for skipping.
  • Some are multiphasic, meaning that the mix of hormones changes from week to week in the active pills. This type won't work as well since the varying hormone levels might cause spotting.

When you get to the placebo (sugar/fake) pills just go straight to the next pack. Usually this should let you skip over your period. Sometimes you may get a little spotting if you've been skipping periods for a few months, or when you are just getting started. As always, talk to your doctor with any questions. 

It is totally safe to go for months or even years without having a period. A woman who has and breastfeeds a baby may go for two years without periods. The only time health care providers get worried about a patient not having periods is when there isn’t a medical reason like birth control or breastfeeding. Plus, birth control pills and the ring make the lining of the uterus very thin, so there is very little to “clean out.”


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